Pro-Chiller ChilStar Series
Pro-Chiller ChilStar Series

Pro-Chiller ChilStar Series

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Combining an economic price with proven and reliable operation. Common applications are smaller production breweries, boutique wineries and craft distilleries.

ChilStar™ Series

Capacity Range: Up to 9 HP

Cooling Capacity to 80,635 BTU/HR

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Model Total HP Compressors

PE102D1R420-A-V* 2 HP 1 ea/ 2 HP
PE103D1R420-A-V* 3 HP 1 ea/ 3 HP
PE105F1R420-A-V* 5 HP 1 ea/ 5 HP
PM108F2R420-A-V* 9 HP 1 ea/ 9 HP

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