Micromatic Keg Washing and Filling Coupler with Dual 1/2
Micromatic Keg Washing and Filling Coupler

Micromatic Keg Washing and Filling Coupler with Dual 1/2" Barb Shutoffs

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Micromatic Keg Washing and Filling Coupler
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STAINLESS STEEL MANUAL WASH/FILL HEAD WITH DUAL 1/2" BARB SHUTOFFS Specifically designed for manual keg washing / filling applications. Features: Enlarged inlet and outlet openings allowing fast liquid flow. Stainless Steel body for durability and resistance to chemicals. Stainless Steel handle fork for added strength. Stainless Steel probe is resistant chemicals and won't chip like chrome. Short handle for use with all keg sizes. Durable handle will withstand autoclave temperatures. Normal Use: Keg is inverted and wash solutions are injected under pressure through the beer outlet. This allows the caustic, sanitizer and then the rinse water to enter the keg through the keg valve and cascade down the inverted keg's inner surface. The wash solution and rinse water is then evacuated through the keg valve CO2 ports and finally out the CO2 port on the wash/fill head. A keg can be quickly emptied when the wash/fill head is connected to an upright keg. Or a keg can be filled using the same technique. Shutoffs are included to allow quick turn off from the inlet source and attachment to the next keg.  

Fits Sanke "D" kegs.