MS300 3HP Three Phase Drive
MS300 3HP Three Phase Drive

MS300 3HP Three Phase Drive

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MS300 3HP Three Phase Drive
Part Number: VFD11AMS23ANSAA
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3HP Variable Frequency drive 208/220/240 Three Phase
This item has been OBSOLETED. The replacement can be found here: MS300 3HP Single Phase Drive (

Replacement drive for Three phase Drives in MS300 equipped brew houses (20BBL+made Late 2021 or later all drives) (15BBL and smaller Kettle drive only) .  Keypad included with drive.  Drive also for 3 phase late 2021 Portable Pumps, both 2 and 3 HP models.
VFD11AMS23ANSAA Is compatible with GS13N-23P0. It will not accept Single phase input or GS10 software programming.

Parameter will need to be programmed

Item Number:  VFD11AMS23ANSAA
Brand:Delta Products
Item Category:Drives
Input Range VAC:200 to 240 Volts AC
Input Phase:3
HP (CT):3 Horsepower
Amps (CT):11 Amps
Operator Controls:Keypad Included
IP Rating:IP20
H x W x D:6.18 in x 3.43 in x 5.98 in
 Net Weight:2 lb 12 oz

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