GS2 MS300 VFD upgrade kit
GS2 MS300 VFD upgrade kit

GS2 MS300 VFD upgrade kit

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Drive Type
MS300 2HP Single Phase Drive (VFD7A5MS21ANSAA) [+$269.99]
MS300 2HP Three Phase Drive (VFD7A5MS23ANSAA) [+$289.99]
MS300 3HP Single Phase Drive (VFD11AMS21ANSAA) [+$329.99]
MS300 3HP Three Phase Drive (VFD11AMS23ANSAA) [+$349.99]
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Since the GS2 series of VFD's has been discontinued by the manufacturer, we developed this retrofit kit.  This VFD kit was developed to can be used on a surface mount keypad.   The kit includes all wires and hardware necessary to replace your old GS2 drive with a Current Model delta MS300 VFD.  Included is a VFD mounting plate, screws, wires, connectors, Keypad adapter, instructions with drill instructions.

This is the solution for all GS2 equipped ABS Commercial brewhouses with GS2 drives and also for premier Stainless and other manufacturers that have used GS2 series drives.  If your drive is mounted on a DIN rail,  you will have to cut it of as the MS300 sit directly on the backplate.  The hardware kit will vary slightly depending on what drive has been ordered.  Pictured is the kit for 2hp 3-Phase.  The only component that you have that is being reused is the cable from the VFD to the Keypad.  If you need replacement you can order below

The automation direct drive GS2-22PO (2HP) and GS2-23PO (3) could be wired in Single Phase and 3 Phase.  2 hot usually black wires and one green on top into the GS2 is Single phase, 3 hot and one green is 3 Phase. The Delta MS-300 drives do not support both single Phase and Three phase so make sure to order the correct one.

You will need a screwdriver, nut-driver , wire stripper/cutter, drill and a 1/8" (3mm) drill bit 
The keypad adapter is approximately the size of the original keypad except it sits out an extra 1/4" (6mm).

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