Fermentation Control Panel Box - Fits up to 12 PIDs
Fermentation Control Panel Box

Fermentation Control Panel Box - Fits up to 12 PIDs

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Fermentation Control Panel Box
Part Number: FCTL12-NOV
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Fermentation control panel for 12 fermenters/Beer Brites and CLT's. The panel is equipped with a standard 110 VAC power cord. Panel is wired for easy install of up to twelve 90-260VAC PID controllers.

The manual for installation of the control panel can be found here: https://www.abs-commercial.shop/assets/images/PDFs/Fermentation Control Panel Customer Wiring Guide For Novus brand PIDs.pdf

Although PID's are not included in the base price of the control panel box, you can easily add PIDs via the drop-down box above. If you order this with PIDs included, they will be delivered installed in the box.  PIDs will be pre-configured to cool tanks, to use PT-100 thermocouples, read temperature in Fahrenheit and operate 24VDC glycol valve.  For additional configurations, refer to the manual which can be found here: https://www.novusautomation.com/downloads/Arquivos/manual_n1030_v10x_h_english.pdf

The control panel supports 24VDC Glycol Valves, with two wires from each valve to the control panel and 1 3-led wire from each Thermocouple to the back of the PID (do not splice Thermocouple wire).

Please allow 10-14 days for manufacturing.