Delta Keypad (KPE-LE02)
Delta Keypad (KPE-LE02)

Delta Keypad (KPE-LE02)

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Keypad for VFD-E Drives, Not Included With Drive. Required for non PLC installation.  This is the keypad used on manual brew house panels and portable pumps using Delta's VFD-E series speed controls.  Requires no programming and is easily swapped out with a small Phillips screwdriver. 

No manual is available for this items since all programming resides on the drive.  It is truly plug and play

This drive is commonly found in the ABS 2022 and older Commercial Brewhouses and Portable Pumps.    For Keg Viking replacement Keypads and 2022 and newer portable pumps and brew house controls refer to Delta Keypad KPMS-LE01 (MS300).