About Us

ABS Commercial is a full-service brewery and parts outfitter. From our corporate headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina to our secondary sales office in Denver, Colorado, we are proud to offer brew houses, tanks and small parts to brewers across the country. Brew houses and fermenters from 3 BBL, ancillary components including steam boilers and chillers, stainless Tri-Clamp parts, yeast brinks and Sanke kegs. We have some of the quickest lead times in the industry along with a huge inventory of tanks between 3-90 BBL in stock. Most of our brewhouse equipment can be certified to ASME, CU & UL standards, where applicable. Contact us for more info on individual specifications.

We're in this business because we are brewers, and we are fully dedicated to the growth of this great industry! We get constant feedback on our brew house and tank designs from our sister company, Raleigh Brewing Company who operate a 20 BBL brew house within the same building. We also offer small-batch ingredients and draft equipment via homebrew outfit Atlantic Brew Supply and stock a full range of equipment for real ale, including casks and beer engines, at neighboring business Cask Supply.

Whether you need quotes for brewery systems, tanks, components or parts, give us a call at 877-BREW-ABS (877-273-9227) or email at [email protected]

Our Staff:   

General Manager Michael McAdoo

Michael has been working in the brewing industry at ABS Commercial since 2013 and is avid homebrewer since 2005.  He was the first employee specifically hired for ABS Commercial starting under our sister company Atlantic Brew Supply.  Through the growth of both companies, Michael has taken on many roles including sales in our homebrew shop, managing the homebrew shop, inventory management, orders, shipping and receiving of equipment, marketing and advertising, budgeting and currently oversees operations of 3 Sales Consultants and a team of installers, assemblers, warehouse employees, accounting, marketing and vendor ordering while maintaining sales with some of the best customer in the industry.  In his spare time, you can find him at home with his wife and daughter, working on his 150 year old farm house, tending to the goats, chickens, honey bees, dogs and cats and visiting his favorite craft breweries.  If you come by the office, make sure you say hi to his dog Leo!  Favorite beers: Rochefort 10, Cantillon Fou’Foune and locally from Bond Brothers Disenchantment.

Michael's contact information  Phone: 919-400-9087 x 1005  Email [email protected]

Brewery Consultant Mickey Fanney

Like many in the industry Mickey started in brewing back in the mid-2000's when he received a basic homebrew kit (much like this one) as a Christmas gift from his wife.  The homebrew kit, coupled with the "Pop the Cap" law that lifted ABV allowances in North Carolina, opened the doors to new varieties and styles of beer to Mickey.  Since then Mickey has pursued obtaining great beer, and making OK beer.   Realizing his talents are best left on the non-brewing side of the industry, Mickey joined ABS Commercial in 2014 as its second brewery consultant.  

You can find Mickey on nice weekends enjoying Raleigh's greenways, at the neighborhood pool, or with his family at North Caolina's Lake Gaston...on crummy weekends he be enjoys local museums and playing board games and Wii with his kids.  

Dog - Indy  Favorite Beer - Bell's Two Hearted Ale, Duck Rabbit Milk Stout, Raleigh Brewing Royal Black Lager

Mickey's contact information  Phone: 919-400-9087 x 1013  Email [email protected]

Brewery Consultant Scott Thurston

Scott has been a craft beer fan since the 80's when the only available choices were Sam Adams, Anchor Steam and Brooklyn Lager.  Things have come a long way since then, and he loves being a part of the craft beer renaissance. He enjoys consulting with brewers pursuing their dream of making great craft beer and partnering with them as they grow. He's worked at ABS Commercial part-time since its start in 2012 and started full-time as a Brewery Consultant in January 2016. 

On weekends you'll find him taking a hike at the local park with his attack chihuahua Penny, watching his son play tennis, at a nearby NASCAR track drinking a cold one at a local craft brewery.

Favorite Beer: any good double IPA  
Favorite Cider: Number 12 Black Currant Dry 

Scott's contact information  Phone: 919-400-9087 x 1017  Email [email protected]

Brewery Consultant Alex Smith

Alex’s first foray in to fermentation was actually at a wine growers internship through the University of Georgia Sustainable Ag program.  Realizing he had neither the patience of palate for wine, he soon pivoted to beer and never looked back.  Since then he has worked in almost every aspect of the beer industry from retail to production and everything in between.  Over 5 years ago, he helped open our sister company, Raleigh Brewing Company, where he served as yeast manager, head brewer and productions manager.  Now with ABS commercial he wears just as many hats, covering sales, technical consulting and on-site brewing support.  Alex resides in Denver, CO and heads up the Colorado wing for ABS Commercial.  When not in the office or on the brewhouse, Alex can be found roaming the mountains with his wife, Natalie and their two dogs, Gracie and Wren.  He also enjoys wrenching on and riding bikes, fermenting foods and tinkering with whatever needs tinkering.

Favorite Beers: A roasty schwarzbier, a juicy IPA or Schlenkerla Urbock

Alex's contact information  Phone: 919-400-9087 x 1019  Cell (303) 681-6743 Office (720) 575-5522 Email [email protected]

Director of Finance Chris Willis

Chris has been in the financial sector of the brewing industry since 2012 and has developed a love for craft beer ever since. Since starting with ABS Commercial in 2016, his main responsibilities include breaking knee caps and writing checks. In addition to handling all money-related activities, he also coordinates and monitors our overseas shipments. When he and his wife aren't enjoying new breweries all over North Carolina, Chris enjoys playing golf and catching some rays on the beach. Favorite beer: Overly Friendly IPA (Holy City Brewing, North Charleston, SC) Dog(s): Izzy

Chris's contact information  Phone: 919-400-9087 x 1018  Email [email protected]

Brewery Technician Ethan Cobourn

Ethan's interest in craft beer began in 2012, brewing 5 gallon batches of IPA at home.  Still perfecting that recipe, needs less Citra.  After several years consulting home brewers and helping manage our sister company Atlantic Brew Supply, Ethan transitioned into building the control panels for our bewhouses in 2017.  Once it's time for the final electric hookups in your brewery, he's the smiling face that will come visit.  When not in the office or relaxing at a local brewery, you'll find him again redesigning his homebrew setup, or looking for a boulder to climb in the mountains of NC. 

Favorite Beers - Raleigh Brewing 'The Toll' Imperial Oatmeal Stout