1/2 BBL Yeast Brink
1/2 BBL Yeast Brink

1/2 BBL Yeast Brink

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Streamline your yeast banking and pitching. Grow big pitches, transfer from brink to brink. Each 1/2 BBL brink features two 1.5” TC ports, with the top port connected to a larger 4” TC port for easy rinsing, cleaning and inspecting. The 4" TC port and gasket/clamps are included, as well as 1.5" TC caps for the ports. These yeast brinks are manufactured to the standard of a 6 bar (87 PSI) test pressure and 3 bar (43.5 PSI) working pressure. Brinks are passivated but still need to be cleaned before use.

The cleaning attachment fits snugly atop our yeast brinks, connection made with the 4.0" Tri-Clamp, allowing you to easily clean a yeast brink with most US manufactured keg washers. 


Yeast Brink Cleaning Attachment (Assembly)
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